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Happy New Year


 Well, 2017 is well underway. And the planning for our year is well underway too. By now, the biggest Western Trade show is winding down or finished and many of us have seen the latest & greatest our industry has to offer. Ideas are exchanged. Notes are taken. Seminars are attended. Networking expands. All so we can offer you the best!

Cultured Cowboy has previewed, reviewed, and is working to improve our internal systems to help everyone better. (Especially to keep us from going nuts! None of us like burnout.) Like many companies, we are constantly understaffed in some areas.

So … We now have a “Denise”. Denise has worked with staffing source companies and has worked to manage the growth of several businesses. We’re going to turn her loose! She started organizing many areas that I always left to my “C” list. (never got done)

While Chuck is answering hundreds and thousands of questions about horsing, rodeo, and related equipment, Denise can better serve our actual operations. 

And I want to give a really big thanks & a hat tip to Ellen Stroud. Ellen came to our rescue the last 10 days before Christmas. Ellen is one of our local customers, and had a California trip cancellation. I hate her trip got delayed, but am very glad we were able to connect.

Over the years, truth is, that most of our help has come from good customers. Either themselves or their referrals. What is great is that I feel such gratitude to all of you in each role.

The Ringing in of a New Year is about moving forward. Yet, to move forward, it is wise to reflect on the past. Let us know what dreams and ambitions you most would like our help to accomplish. And if you’d like, write us some articles you might want to share with others. Cultured Cowboy still gets millions of views each year. Not so many millions in sales, but millions of views!  Mostly because of the research people do online, to find helpful tips.

We are extremely strong in saddle fit and purpose of riding. We actually have horses and try these products. And, I have been privileged to help design tack and saddlery since the early 1970’s.

We sell a lot of hats. This year, having people email pics of face and top of head was a great idea. I can steam and shape those hats to fit you, just as if you walked in our doors. They fit better when you get ‘em outta the box. SO, keep sending those pictures and keep ordering hats!

What I would love to share with you is: Yep there are things for sale at decent prices!  OK. WE will answer your needs as fast as we can. OK. We can semi customize fit. We can have your trophy buckles engraved to last a really long time. For most winners, their buckle might be the only one they ever have chance to win.  Making it special is special to us.

But beyond all the things you expect a store to promise… consistency, honesty, and relevancy, we offer love and a helping hand. Every item you purchase allows us to help charities, associations, and to give back to the communities that share with us. 

OK, For the past 3 years, I have been an intern, an understudy, of Professional Coaching.  Not just any coaching. I have been able to learn from the best motivators, the best consultants, the best coaches, and the best mentors. I cannot understand how I have had opportunity to learn from the best of the best! Gotta be a God thing.  With 4 certifications and 2 more on the way, I have quite a bevy of helpful talent available to share. And when needed, I can confer with many talented associates to bring your best to light.

Coolest thing about coaching is that it is all about bringing forth the best abilities of each of you. Yep, I could TELL ya what ta do.  But it is much better to allow you to bring forth your options and allow you to make the decisions best for you, among the available options.

Cultured Cowboy began in Dec 1973, after tornados destroyed everything our family owned, except, remarkably, our lives and our animals.  My Dad asked me to give a list of supplies I needed to replenish and get ready to train horses that Spring.  I asked, “What if we paid wholesale rather than retail?”  (A Dad of a close fiend had a furniture store)

So, Cultured Cowboy became almost legal at March, 1974.  My age was 17.  At 19, I went to my first trade show in Charlotte NC. Everybody kept asking where my Daddy was. In exasperation after interrogation, I told them… He’s in Columbia. Why would he be here? His business is Insurance. Panic stricken, the sales reps and companies converged. This kid ain’t legal till 21. But, we’ve been doin business for years. Don’t wanna “can” him because there is nobody else in his area to sell our stuff!  
We’re still here! 

To survive a few years is better than most start-up business does. To be here over 40 years is tribute to how hard headed I am! OK, (ya like all the OK’s or am I irritating?) , I had to be extremely adaptable. I worked harder. Longer, smarter than most. Yet, it was not all about me. The top trainers of horsemanship, and captains of industry, and professors of both theory and activity, have led me to the place I hold today.  And there have been many more challenges than “easy streets”. Still are.

In 2017, we must learn to adapt to all the fast coming challenges and changes falling our way. Leaders did this in 1917. A century has passed through time; the circumstances change, but the challenges remain!

Even so, Remember:  Life is about LOVE.  Life is about Forgiving, tho we should always be learning from the issue requiring that forgiveness! Life is about learning. Life should be about joy too.

Denise was going through our ladies tops, and remarking about the sugg retail pricing. So I put her into some “learning” about our quality and how our industry has been built upon quality, and how we now need to differentiate between “Fashion” goods and the rest of what we sell.

SO,  (again?) (a needle pulling thread!!!) (Sound of Music), I told her that we should explain to people, that for much of what we wear, it might not matter to everyone. It does matter to some. People will always form opinions by your appearance.

Yet, when there is a special occasion, to wear the best, something special, allows you to feel the part of being your best, of experiencing the whole excitement, of having that joy you need, for that event. To wear something special makes you feel special. What you wear, making you feel your best, can make huge difference in your salary, career possibilities, your self-esteem, your dating probabilities.

I don’t want to have a hot date with my wife, on that more rare than should be “Date Night” and wear anything ordinary, anything drab, anything she has seen over and over again. I want her to feel like I made an effort to impress her. I want her to feel that I found her special enough to do something special. Not just the restaurant, not just the theater, but the drive over, the walk from our truck, feeling like I know I’m a million and giving her everything I possibly can, just because she is who she is!  And she should want to do the same for me. To feel feminine, to allow me the honor of opening her door, of taking her coat, of holding my hand as we walk, of a smile that tells me that I am appreciated! 

Cultured Cowboy is grateful to be a small part of many relationships. We love helping you look your best.  And I, as a professional relationship coach, am able to get my joy by helping couples like you, to re-ignite more passionate lifestyles! 


Enjoy snuggling through your Winter season!  & Happiest of New Years.
God Bless,    Chuck.


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