2018, already? 

2018 -  Life is about LOVE.  Life is about learning. Life should be about joy. May your every day be joyous! May you enjoy the humor in being human. May you find many little pleasures in every endeavor you experience.

 January is trade show time for the cowboy industry. So our makers converge on Denver International mid Jan, and Dallas right after that. Then there are more regional shows through Feb. It’s exciting for stores because we get to tell our makers all the things we’ve learned from you guys!

 See, you’re the integral part of our existence. You hold the power! Cultured Cowboy is working hard to provide products that are made for your needs. Not some idea shoved down a system! (tho, the systems are more than hunches!)  Although this sometimes puts us in a precarious position – ( longer order times for customization, paying extra for your extras, Getting caught in the middle of understanding production and demand…) it seems to be our niche, is the reason for our online existence.

 You could shop anyone. And you do. Yet, when the going gets tough, when you need that little extra for your horse, your hat, or your feat/feet, we are here. But if ya need a really great halter, girth, pr of socks, (all the everyday stuff) we really appreciate some of those orders too. You know we’re competitive.

 I’m especially proud that we found a great custom bootmaker who can fulfill those styles that are favorites, but not made as a production model anymore. Quality is as good as it gets. Craftsmanship is superb. If there is a fav boot you have, discontinued, let us know. Can’t duplicate stitch patterns, or anything copywritten/trademarked, but can get an equivalent boot!

 Later this month, I’ll have pics of JT International “Treeless” saddle. We really like this one & you will too.

 HORZE is a supplier of tack now. Reasonable product prices and forward thinking!  Now we have some “cell gell” pads that either add protection at front, rear or swayback. They sandwich inside your doubled blanket, or lay between your saddle & padding.  Great product – affordable too.  We did our stuff for the past couple months – they work.  Horze has pretty nice whips too. And English clothing.

 Gals, I have some gold bling belts that have become hard to find, worth the price. Still some Rockies colors.  Kimes Ranch is using Cone Mills fabrics that wash & wear to fit your bods more easily than many brands.   How many of you are interested in $150.00 Cowgirl Tuff jeans? Let us know via email or calls. We’re thinking about them.  Yer gonna let us know before we stock them.  Look your fav brands/styles online & let us know what you like.

 Ain’t the Internet great?  You can tell us what you like. I can research it. Then we can do business for you!  2018 will be, should be, more of a year for “marriage” between you and I.  Communication is key. We can best help you when we know more of your specific needs. – Big Idea – Don’t just email for “best price”.  Let all Internet sources know more. What you need, why. What issues you face, why. What experiences you had that worked/not.  At Cultured Cowboy, whether boots, saddles, or Moto coats, the more we know, the better we can help you!


God Bless ya all. Chuck

 PS: we never had an email campaign before, but r thinkn abt it.  Sendmail, Mailchimp,  any preferences?  How often do you like getting notices? 1 per week, 1 per month, 3 per week, (please not every day! You’ll work me to death.) But tell me the truth, please.

      I am Christian, a Laity Minister with the UMC, Certification in ICCA Spiritual Coaching as a Master Coach.  Would ya’ll like another separate email with thought that is spiritual? Combine it?   Be on a separate list? (  Just let me know – Hey, I appreciate both comments & criticisms.


I’m also human, limited, but love ya more than you’ll ever know.  ChuckyT
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