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SCOTT USA’s exclusive three-part face foam offers the best sweat protection with the ultimate in comfort.  Scott goggles combine great fitting frames, great airflow ventilation, the best sweat prevention and the best lens, designed, developed and field-tested.

Factory Team

717-6185 Translucent Black


CC Price:  $41.99
Compare at:  $50.00

This addition to the line is the total package. This goggle offers a translucent 89x frame, the No Sweat 3 face foam and the best high definition yellow lens. The double buckle silicone lined strap is topped off with a PVC “ Factory Team” patch and awesome “flames” graphics. Simply the best.


717-4281 Black
717-7001 Blue
717-6219 Clear
717-5910 Kaw Green
717-4216 Red


CC Price:  $43.99
Compare at:  $52.00

The ultimate for maximum ventilation and ANTI-FOGGING. 89X urethane frame with contoured hydrophilic face foam, contrasting double buckle, and a woven silicon coated strap.  Lens » Amp Blue .03 Lexan.

89X LS

717-1328 Black
717-1329 Blue
717-1330 Red


CC Price:  $39.99
Compare at:  $48.00

How can the standard of the industry be improved? By analyzing every angle and every curve to achieve optimum ergonomics between the face and the goggle. The result is unparalleled fit and comfort. Add to this aesthetic design updates and the standard of the industry is raised to a new level of superiority. Introducing the 89X.  Lens » Clear .03 Lexan.

Quick Strap Series 83

717-6176 Black
717-7027 Blue
717-7028 Red


CC Price:  $33.99
Compare at:  $62.00

Featuring a Urethane frame with hydrophilic face foam, single buckle and woven strap. Compare the features, packaging and price with any of our competitors.  Lens » Clear .03 Lexan.

87 OTG

717-7023 Black
717-4203 Canary
717-4205 Clear
717-5020 Graphite
717-5514 Grey
717-4204 Kaw Green
717-6012 Ocean Blue
717-1072 Red
717-5914 White


CC Price:  $42.99
Compare at:  $52.00

Designed to fit over eyeglasses, this urethane frame with contoured hydrophilic face foam features a double buckle and silicone coated woven strap system.  Lens » Clear .030 Lexan.

Scott Vision System

717-6159 83, 87 & 89
717-6248 Voltage


CC Price:  $37.99
Compare at:  $46.00

This ready to install unit comes complete with lens mounted canisters, two rolls of film and the mud flap.

No-Fog Cloths

717-3365 Box of 24 each


CC Price:  $46.99
Compare at:  $58.00

Provides excellent fog protection for goggles, street helmets, snowmobile helmets, eyeglasses etc. The cleaner is easy to use and lasts, and lasts, and lasts.


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