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Schott, NYC is one of CC Rider's Best quality lines of motorcycle apparel.  Schott proves that higher quality actually can cost less.  My 3rd Schott coat has seen Nineteen years of wear and looks as good as the third year! (I actually outgrew the 1st two and passed them down.)  Cost per year has been less than $20.00 per year. Wear with pride & confidence.  Chuck

Marlin Brando wore it.  So did James Dean.  While fashion changes seem to happen almost weekly, Schott's distinctively American spin on style has always been on top.  For nearly twelve decades, the Schott family has continued to capture the attitude of the young and young at heart.  As dynamic as fashion itself, Schott continues to win new converts, never straying from it's belief in the importance of high quality and American made craftsmanship.

Schott naked cowhide: With a great hand, A soft feel on a substantial leather.   Schott's naked cowhide comes from the best select leathers.  Naked cowhide will have a luster but not so much shine as the heavy steerhide.

Schott heavy steerhide: One of the most protective leathers available.  Breaks into your body's shape naturally, as you wear the garment.  Schott's steerhide come from the best select leather.

Schott fits True.  Measure your waist, or chest, and that is the size needed for a comfortably tapered fit.  Go a size larger for oversizing.  Schott coats fit well with the liners in or out!  Coats are sized for men and women.  Chaps are unisex, pants are cut in a man's fit.

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Call us Today to see how we can Make your Leather Dreams come true. Mention "Schott Leather Dreams" for your Best Value in American leathers. ...Besides, we need to talk to you about fit selection anyway. Cultured Cowboy has been selling Schott products for over 20 years. Our services make the difference. 
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SCHOTT Women's Motorcycle Jackets

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SCHOTT Motorcycle Leather Pants





Why buy another Schott?
Schott Coats just do not wear out. But God has a plan to keep us needing a new one every now and again.  I am convinced that as we age, we need more oxygen. Our lungs expand to allow this. Therefore, our chest gets larger. And, so we will not look silly, God allows our bellies to naturally flow into the larger chest cavity! This is why I have gone from a 38 chest in high school to a 46 chest today. I need more air! Looking forward to helping you soon. God Bless, Chuck

(Or, you might just want a couple styles.)

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