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The HJC-27A is a powerful 27 MHz citizen band radio transceiver with 40 channels.   It doubles as both a handheld portable unit and a transceiver for use on our favorite vehicle.  The HJC-27A standard kit (shown below) features an easy-to-read illuminated L.C.D. display, a 12 volt DC Power Cord with filter, an audio in-jack for WalkmanŽ type stereo hookup, a 16 inch antenna, a handlebar mounted PTT button, a headset with mounting bracket and tank bag.  Other optional features include a remote handlebar control unit, a passenger headset, a swivel antenna and an intercom.
Price:  $299.99

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Headset Extension Cord Remote PTT Control


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16 Inch Antenna w/Mounting Hardware 40 Channel C.B. Unit Tank Bag w/Map Compartment


The HJC-27A is offered in a Standard Kit (shown above) for $299.99 or get the Optional Hand Held Kit (shown below) for $99.99 and transform your HJC-27A into a completely portable handheld unit.  All parts from headsets to belt clips are also sold separately.

HJC-27A Optional Accessories


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12 volt DC Charger Powerful, rechargeable NiCAD Battery, Swivel Antenna, and Belt Clip


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Full-face headset Open Face Headset Remote handlebar control with Intercom Hookup


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