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The "Ultimate Exotic" sport rust belly alligator and cognac ostrich

As you study this boot, notice the strategic placement of both exotic leathers. Alligator, with more scratch resistant scales, wraps the boot's soft ostrich vamp. Likewise, the ostrich with its well-known supple character is placed at the "most bendable" areas of the boot for natural comfort. All the while, each complements the others texture, contours, and color. Multiple rows of topstitching form attraction blending and support. This boot is the finest design of function and exotic forms available. Add the handmade quality features known worldwide from any Ammons boot and this selection becomes a "must have" for all who can afford it.             

Care tips: Wipe the boot with a soft cloth to remove dust after wearing. Use delicate cream to condition and neutral cream polish to protect the leather. Allow a day between wearings for foot moisture to dissipate naturally before the next wear. An old toothbrush works fine to clean the welts, piping, and small crevices. Never set boots on or near a heat source to dry-They will crack. Let them air dry when wet. Condition often to add moisture to your leathers. Using cleaners, conditioners or polish may alter the color of the boot, as adding moisture usually will darken the leather. Much of the beauty of fine leather appears over time as cleaning, conditioning, and age enrich the boot.

Price: $3150.00


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